Structure of the New England Regional Health Equity Council

The New England Regional Health Equity Council maintains a diverse membership representing several sectors such as state government, higher education, healthcare delivery, private foundations, community-based organizations, etc. The diversity in the New England RHEC ensures adequate input from diverse sectors in the council's efforts to understand and address health disparities in the region. The council has 28 voting seats. The council's activities are coordinated by two Co-chairs and are directed by five committees—Leadership and Governance, Data, Community Health Workers, Youth, and Communications—each led by a Chairperson.

New England RHEC States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Ongoing Activities and Accomplishments:
  • The New England RHEC is conducting an enviromental scan to identify health disparities issues in the region. Information from the scan will be used to inform the development of the council's blueprint for action.
  • The Council participated in the youth NPA internship initiative by hosting a gradute student. Through this activity, the council is activiely engaging youth and emerging leaders in the process of identifying health disparities issues for the region, and defining a road map for action to promote health equity.
  • Through the efforts of the New England RHEC, the Connecticut Commission on Health Equiy's initiative is encouraging state agencies to develop health equity plans aligned with the five goals of the NPA.
Resources on Community Health Workers (CHWs)